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  • Hands-on control of Serato DJ (included) via 9 touch-activated knobs for EQ kills / Filter sweeps and 2 line faders with gain controls and tri-color LED metering
  • 2 Phono/Line inputs for Serato DJ Control Signal and 2 sets of line/phono inputs for Serato DJ Noise Map (timecode) signals; Dedicated cue mix and cue gain knobs for custom headphone mixes
  • Pro-grade, adjustable mini innoFADER crossfader featuring a fully-adjustable curve response for fine-tuning the cross fader for any DJ style
  • Rotary-push knob for seamless library navigation and track search plus dedicated controls for Loading, searching, transport, cue and sync per deck
  • USB-powered low-profile design provides ultra-portable expandable control options to virtually any DJ setup

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