950 890 כולל מע"מ

✓ צור קשר: 058-622-6866
✓ מלאי: במלאי
✓ זמן אספקה: תוך 7 ימים
✓ משלוח: חינם עד הבית עם שליח
✓ זמן אחריות: שנתיים
✓ נותן אחריות: חברת פליימק- כולל איסוף והחזרה
✓ תשלומים: על המוצר הזה ניתן לשלם עד 8 תשלומים. נא לפנות לנציג לקבל פרטים.

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  • Ultra-portable feature-packed, highly playable pad controller with 16 thick fat RGB illuminated velocity and pressure sensitive MPC pads for triggering drums, melodic samples, effects and more
  • Easily accessible dedicated controls for four pad banks provides a total of 64 assignable pads
  • Four assignable faders, four assignable q-link knobs and four assignable q-link buttons with a total of 36 assignable controls accessible via three banks – ideal for mapping to and controlling, daw, virtual effect and virtual instrument parameters
  • MPC note repeat, MPC swing, 16 level, full level and tap tempo controls for immersive expressive performances
  • Control your iOS apps and open up a world of pad control capability using the camera connection kit (sold separately); comprehensive software suite included: Able ton live lite, akai pro MPC essentials, sonivox big bang cinematic percussion and big bang universal drums

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