Huion GT-220 V2

• אחריות אצל היבואן הרשמי – חברת פליימק

• אפשר לקבל הנחה על המחיר שמפורסם עם תשלום 
   בהעברה בנקאית. מזומן או שק לשליח

• להצעות מחיר עבור כמויות לספקים
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 2,499.00  2,349.00 כולל מע"מ

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  • https://www.huion.com/pen_display/GT-220_V2/
  • 8192 Levels Pen Pressure: The pressure sensitivity has increased by 4 times than 2048 levels pressure. It is a revolutionary upgraded in drawing lines performance. Thin and thick lines are all in your control by how hard you press the pen.
  • 21.5" HD IPS Display: 1920×1080 Resolution 5080LPI and wide viewing angle Vertical 178° and horizontal 178° deliver true color and make your artwork will be clear in all position. Advanced 9-point display calibration. Can work as second monitor.
  • Newly Designed Rechargeable Pen PE330: ultra lightweight and there are two customizable buttons on the pen. Recognize the 8192 pen pressure and make sure drawing lines smooth and naturally. The overall linearity is optimized.
  • Ergonomically Designed Stand: comes with a adjustable stand and you can adjust it with different angles, allowing you to find a most comfortable working position. Besides, the stand can be removed if you wanna put it in flat on your desk. 
  • OS/Drawing Software Support: Compatible with Windows7/8/8.1/10 and Mac 10.11/10.12 or above. It can work with major drawing programs including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Painter, Comic Studio, SAI, Krita, ZBrush and more.

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