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  • Tilt Support and New Battery-Free Pen: 60 levels of tilt recognition in every direction.This is a new technology HUION developed in 2018. No need to charge for the pen and use it without any battery. Tow buttons can be customized.
  • The highest and Professional Configuration: It is equipped with the industry’s highest 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, 233PPS report rate, and 5080LPI screen resolution.
  • The professional configuration makes every stroke more 8 mm induction height provides the user with the most comfortable size to work.
  • 8 Customizable Shortcuts: You can set almost any shortcuts for 8 customizable buttons for increasing your work efficiency. You can lock shortcut keys(Located on the upper right side of the tablet) with one touch to avoid touching. Left-hand can use the tablet with180 degrees rotation.
  • OS Support: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 , Mac OS 10.11 or later. It compatible with most of the painting/design software such as Photo-shop, illustrator, 3D Max, Maya, Kirta, and so on.

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