Huion Kamvas PRO13 GT-133


Huion Kamvas PRO13 GT-133

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✓ צור קשר: 058-622-6866✓ מלאי: במלאי
✓ זמן אספקה: תוך 7 ימים
✓ משלוח: חינם עד הבית עם שליח
✓ זמן אחריות: שנתיים
✓ נותן אחריות: חברת פליימק
✓ תשלומים: על המוצר הזה ניתן לשלם עד 10 תשלומים. נא לפנות לנציג לקבל פרטים.

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  • Tilt Support: Natural ±60 levels tilt recognition. PW507 Battery-Free Pen: Comes with 8192 levels pen pressure which provides a more accurate and natural drawing experience.
  • 4 express keys and 1 touch bar: It cannot only save your time but also enhance your productivity. You are free to set up your preference express keys.
  • Newest desigh Full-laminated anti-glare glass makes stroke is accurate and natural, and almost without offset and providing better protection for your eyesight.
  • 120% sRGB color gamut offering richer colors and more natural transition. Highest 266 PPS report rate provids better performance and quicker response.

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Huion Kamvas

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