Huion New 1060 PLUS

540 כולל מע"מ

• אחריות אצל היבואן הרשמי – חברת פליימק

• אפשר לקבל הנחה על המחיר שמפורסם עם תשלום 
   בהעברה בנקאית. מזומן או שק לשליח

• להצעות מחיר עבור כמויות לספקים
נא להתקשר או לשלוח מייל



  • 8192 Levels Pen Pressure Sensitivity: 4 times increased from 2048 to 8192 which offer accurate,smooth and better performance in drawing lines.
  • Newly Design Rechargeable Pen: light and responsive. Two buttons on the pen can be customizable. Newly design in appearance with thinner border, pen carrier and full-area surface cover. 8GB Built-in SD Card helps you to save your art works easily.
  • 12 Shortcut Keys and 16 Softkeys: The keys on the left side are all customizable to improve work efficiency. Suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users. The default mode is right-handed.
  • OS Support: Compatible with Win 7/8/8.1/10 and Mac OS 10.11/10.12 or above. Drawing Software Support: Can work with major drawing programs including Photoshop, SAI, Illustrator, Clip Studio, Krita, CorelPainter, Manga Studio and more.
  • Huge Capabilities:10 x 6.25 inches working area provides enough space to draw and paint comfortably. Ideal for digital painting, illustration, 3D program design, industrial design, photo editing etc.

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