InSinkErator HC1100

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Items Included:

  • High Quality Tap
  • Efficient Boiling Water Tank
  • Water Filter

If life’s just too busy to be standing around waiting for a cuppa or you’re looking for a quicker way to prepare vegetables and pasta, then these HC1100 boiling hot and cold water taps complete with ultra energy efficient Neo Tanks could be the perfect new addition to your home. Contemporary, stylish and smart, they even offer deliciously cool filtered water too, right when you need it most.

Convenient, easy to use and 100% safe, the multi-step hot water handle and adjustable temperature dial mean you have total control over the heat of the water that comes out.

Perfect for large kitchens with plenty of room as well as more compact ones where space is limited, the HC1100 water tap is perfect for all your cooking and drinking needs. Simple to mount on either a kitchen work surface or sink right alongside your main tap, this chic looking, top quality tap provides boiling hot and cold filtered water exactly when you need want it time after time.

Amazingly energy efficient and able to drastically reduce the amount of water that’s wasted, it’ll even save you money on your bills. Plus thanks to its advanced design and robust build, your new HC1100 boiling hot and cold water tap and Neo Tank are very low maintenance and will stay looking as shiny and nice as the day they were installed.

What’s a Neo Tank?

Specifically designed for installation with all Insinkerator instant hot taps, the Neo Tank sits comfortably under your sink and plugs straight into a plug socket. Fantastically efficient, it uses about as much energy as a light bulb to keep its 2.5 litre stainless steel tank full of fresh, close to boiling water, dispensed at the flick of a lever. Hot drinks, cleaning or cooking – it’s ready when you are.

Features and Benefits:

  • Long-lasting InSinkErator quality
  • Scale reduction technology to protect heating elements
  • Filter included in the bundle
  • Two lever touch dispenser with shut-off valve in filter head to automatically stop water flow
  • Adjustable temperature dial
  • Easy to replace filter
  • Brushed steel finish