• אפשר לקבל הנחה על המחיר שמפורסם עם תשלום 
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• להצעות מחיר עבור כמויות לספקים 
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 1,800.00  1,599.00 כולל מע"מ

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  • https://www.snom.com/conferencing/c520/
  • Full-duplex speaker – Snom HD Voice transmits sound via high-quality speakers while the inbuilt microphone
  • Snom HD Voice G.722 wideband codec for crystal clear HD quality calls
  • Two detachable DECT microphones can be positioned freely or carried in the room as required to ensure the best sound and voice quality
  • Built-in charging stations with magnetic bays directly on the base station mean both microphones are always charged and ready for use in the next meeting
  • automatic volume control and digital noise reduction so that all call participants can be understood in best sound quality